Casjubert SpiZe the naughty, deep red lightly spiced to please your hot appetite.


Isn't it the youngest in a family that always gets some kind of special attention?

Artisan Casjubert SpiZe

Meet our youngest Casjubert family member; the kinky, the spicy the one that will turn your head. Alone it's dark red colour is enough to get your eyeballs twirling.

The Casjubert SpiZe has got quite a bit, some, fire under the hood which burns on two places; ‘colour and taste’. You can see that just by looking at the SpiZe. What you can’t see but is, The SpiZe is one heck of a cheeky cheese (being the youngest, of course). It's a masters of intrigue. Why? Not telling. This is Your Joker. Don’t worry, everything is (not) under control.

You can even do some magic with the SpiZe. Simply add this hot red Casjubert next to the LaGoon on your upcoming cheese platter party and shortly after, the Casjubert SpiZe will entice (that's even a rhyme, in time) a complete new league of cheese lovers who like it, ...a little more spicy. OMG, what have I done!?

Core Benefits:

organic plant based nutrition  gluten of nutrition  chemical of nutrition  soy of nutrition  dairy free based of nutrition  plant based of nutrition  cruelty free plant based nutrition  paraben free plant based nutrition 

raw plant based of nutrition  Pre-and-Pro-biotics plant based of nutrition  fermented food plant based of nutrition  enzyme rich plant based of nutrition  healthy fats plant based of nutrition 

Nutrition Information

# of Servings: 6     |     Serving Size: 25g

Ave. Qty/p: Serving 100g
Energy 311kj 1556kj
Protein 5.76g 28.8 g
Fats total
- saturated
Carbohydrates 1.5g 7.6g
Sugar < 1g < 1g
Sodium 9.6mg 48mg

*Nutrition values subject to change without further notice given!

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Cashew Nuts, Filtered Water, Magnesium, Himalayan Salt, Live Culture, Probiotics, Hungarian Paprika, JuJue Oil Blend, Annatto

Casjubert - SpiZe
Casjubert - SpiZe 4-Pack
Casjubert - Sortiment (Set of all 4)

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Artisan Brie Style

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