Casjubert LaGoon, plant-based cheese distinct in flavour, colour and extra creamy


Artisan Casjubert LaGoon

Extra creamy, easy melting

True, at first sight one might wonder; 'how on earth can it be, ...a lagoon coloured cheese, really?'

Indeed, the Casjubert LaGoon deserves only the most diligent cheese explorer. As an extraordinary gourmet cheese lover you will be absolutely flabbergasted over your treasure find and not for a second fall short on pleasantly mouthwatering indulgences.

The Casjubert LaGoon comes with an extra creamy texture inside, which is perfectly shielded and kept gooey by its perfectly balanced rind. Nothing too little, nothing too much, just perfect.

Your first bite into the LaGoon will let you ruffle your pallet, setting you off on another discovery, this time a pallet hunt. The LaGoon’s uniquely blended flavours will have you keep cruising the lagoon in search of flavours to match. Well, the LaGoon certainly hasn't earned its fame as an ongoing exploration for nothing.

Core Benefits:

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raw plant based of nutrition  Pre-and-Pro-biotics plant based of nutrition  fermented food plant based of nutrition  enzyme rich plant based of nutrition  healthy fats plant based of nutrition 

Nutrition Information

# of Servings: 6     |     Serving Size: 25g

Ave. Qty/p: Serving 100g
Energy 311kj 1556kj
Protein 5.76g 28.8 g
Fats total
- saturated
Carbohydrates 1.5g 7.6g
Sugar < 1g < 1g
Sodium 9.6mg 48mg

*Nutrition values subject to change without further notice given!


Filtered Water, Cashew Nuts, Magnesium, Live Culture, Probiotics, Himalayan Salt, Blue Spirulina, White Pepper, JuJue Oil Blend

Casjubert - LaGoon
Casjubert - LaGoon 4-Pack
Casjubert - LaGoon (set of all 4)

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Artisan Brie Style

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