Casjubert AsHed, artisan plant-based vegan cheese, earthy smooth with crunchy rind


Artisan Casjubert AsHed

A sassy classic among the Artisan Casjubert Soft Cheeses family,

Carefully hand-crafted, just like all its brothers and sister, its name already gives it away; the Casjubert AsHed is laid in ash. But, ash isn’t always ash and you really got to know what and how to.

Paired with a fairly delicate ripening process, the Casjubert AsHed receives its distinct note of a very unique cheese. Now enhanced with adding Australia's native pepper the Dorrigo to it, the Ashed Casjubert delivers a hearty, earthy, somewhat smokey taste. The rind of this cheese is a masterpiece on its own. The rippled crunchiness creates a true sensation when it meets the gooey, creamy inside of the AsHed.

Timing and careful, ongoing observation, as with every other care given during the ripening process of any Casjubert, is utmost critical to achieve the perfect signature for the AsHed as well as for the other 3 unique plant based cheeses like the SpiZe; LaGoon and NaTure. It comes to no surprise, therefore, that this Casjubert family really deserves an exigent introduction to your family and friends.

It is up to us to create. In the end but, it is you, the cheese lover who, ultimately, will lay down the final judgment on our cheese composition.

Core Benefits:

organic plant based nutrition  gluten of nutrition  chemical of nutrition  soy of nutrition  dairy free based of nutrition  plant based of nutrition  cruelty free plant based nutrition  paraben free plant based nutrition 

raw plant based of nutrition  Pre-and-Pro-biotics plant based of nutrition  fermented food plant based of nutrition  enzyme rich plant based of nutrition  healthy fats plant based of nutrition 

Nutrition Information

# of Servings: 6     |     Serving Size: 25g

Ave. Qty/p: Serving 100g
Energy 311kj 1556kj
Protein 5.76g 28.8 g
Fats total
- saturated
Carbohydrates 1.5g 7.6g
Sugar < 1g < 1g
Sodium 9.6mg 48mg

*Nutrition values subject to change without further notice given!


Cashew Nuts, Magnesium, Himalayan Salt, Dorrigo Pepper, Activated Charcoal, Filtered Water, Live Culture, Probiotics, JuJue Oil

Ashed Casjubert
Ashed Casjubert 4-Pack
Casjubert Sortiment (all 4 varieties)

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Artisan Brie Style

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