Casjubert Nature, artisan plant-based vegan cheese fierce dairy Camembert-Brie contender


Artisan Casjubert NaTure

Time to meet your Plant-Based Classic: Casjubert NaTure

You will be seriously gobsmacked when you learn that the Casjubert NaTure Is Not a dairy based cheese. At The house of JuJue Raw Food Kitchen, we call this;

The True Art of Artisan Cheese Making.

You need a lot of time and patience to create such a piece. You need to be able to endure sleepless nights and endless sweat, …no it’s not that dramatic. But what you rally can be without is? You must be deeply in love with, and madly passionate about creating the finest of the fine cheeses.

Enough cloud talk. It's time for you to step onto the Casjubert cloud and drift along in Casjubert Heaven! Don’t forget to take enough supply with you. Press that Add to the Basket button now.

Core Benefits:

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Nutrition Information

# of Servings: 6     |     Serving Size: 25g

Ave. Qty/p: Serving 100g
Energy 311kj 1556kj
Protein 5.76g 28.8 g
Fats total
- saturated
Carbohydrates 1.5g 7.6g
Sugar < 1g < 1g
Sodium 9.6mg 48mg

*Nutrition values subject to change without further notice given!


Filtered Water, Magnesium, Cashew Nuts, Himalayan Salt, Live Culture, Probiotics, JuJue Oil

Casjubert - Nature
Casjubert - Nature 4-Pack
Casjubert - Nature (Set of all 4)

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Artisan Brie Style

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