Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Delivery

General Shipping Information:
We can ship our casjubert around the world, literally, though we limit our shipping zones to certain countries. This is simply due to current world-wide delivery dilemmas. Keep in mind that our casjubert is a "Clean, Raw" product, meaning it is (though the Casjubert has a fantastic shelf life, given it is treated with mutual respect) raw. and thus, perishable. In case you find yourself ordering from a destination we currently don't ship to, kindly get in touch. We are always here to find solution together.

Group Shipping:
It can be frustrating, buying one cheese and then having to pay shipping cost. Hence, and to get around that, we suggest you place a group order. The products get sent to one destination and you distributes it to your group (they pick it up from your place). This is not only a great way to save you money but we contribute towards lessen logistics and thus better sustainability of our wonderful planet earth. 

Wrapping, packaging:
All our products are wrapped into foil bubble-wrap containing additional adequate ice-packing for which we charge a on-off AUD5.00 for every 5 KG of shipping wight.

Return and Refunds:
Due to the nature of the product being fresh and raw, we can't accept returns. That, said, we are always here to assist and to finding an agreeable solution. In the event that the product arrives faulty, through whatever reasons and/or whosever fault, we kindly ask you send us an email with the following information:

  1. Adding photos from the product from different angles, also from it's backside,
  2. Clearly describe the fault.
  3. State date and time of arrival of the products
  4. Add any additional information which you think we shall need

Opportunities for Group-Shippers:

Perhaps you are interested in organising Group-Shipping? Want to know more about and how to save money (making money) by becoming a Group-Shipper?

Definitely. Fill me in

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