So this is all about us?

casjubert cheese platter

What a'ya lick'n @, Dairy?

Well, this is your lucky day. C'mon in.

Relax, Emma, you're totally save with us. We won't put you into shackles and abuse you, because

Now we're talking Plant-Based  cheese!

come in to Casjubert

Are you ready for my story?

It's a long story short because this isn't about me but my cheese. My story long, is on the about me page and that's currently rewritten because it was just too long. So check in here a couple weeks later and you'll find a link to self-healing and better health right, ... ...

So what's the story about Casjubert?

Think  100% RAW Think  Plant-Based Think  Fermented Think  Living Enzymes Think  Heaven

Made from: Organic Cashews and other, 100% organic

Using: Imported Vegan Cheese Culture from France

Made by: European Cheese expert

Who put in: His Heart, Love, Passion & Fun

What else could one give, to ensure you'll end up with a crème de la crème vegan cheese on your table!

Now You Know Casjubert

I could go on and cut the best rhetoric stories, but you know what? Everybody's doing it. Everybody is the best. Right?

Besides, you already read my story on many other places; on here, on the JuJue website, in a blog, etc., etc. Instead, I like to close a deal with you. You go and buy yourself a whole wheel of any Casjubert and I, I promise you: No question asked at all. If you really don't like it, you go and tell me in an email why. Deal? Oh, yes, ...and in return,

I will reimburse you the full purchase price!

Ah-Ja, Go on.

Interested in becomming a Casjubert Stockist?