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The Casjubert Bree cheese wasn’t created with having the typical food industry in mind, speak; preserved to achieve a long shelf life. It was created for health and quality focused endusers in mind and to help breathe ‘Life’ into their gut. The Casjubert Bree is fresh, 100% natural and free of just any kind of preservatives, even so called ‘Natural’ preservatives and ‘Certified’ by the food industry ruling bodies. That said, a ‘Best Before’ date doesn’t refer to an expiration date after which the Casjubert Bree can’t be consumed any longer. It simply refers to the ‘Kind Of Cheese’, namely being a Bree! Refer to our Q&A section for more details.

Hence, stocking a Casjubert Bree need to be translated in allowing your customers access to a truly handcrafted, fresh and explicitly ‘Healthy’ cheese. You need to keep exactly that in mind and pass it onto your customers. Do not shy to ask the Casjubert team for assistance in that matter and we shall be more than happy to support you in every way. Let’s work as a team, together, so everybody wins.

Simply fill the form and if you provide some more info in the text area field, even better. Talk soon, stay deadly healthy.

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