All The Things about Casjubert

Cool and Dry!

And DON'T, wrap it in plastic!

If you care to know, read on and if not, blame yourself!
First of all, believe it or not but Your Casjubert is "Alive!" . That's right; Alive, which means, on a side note, you actually purchased food that isn't dead and will positively contribute towards your body's and overall wellbeing.

OK, so why cool and dry? Your Casjubert Bree carries a 'Live Bacteria' or, Live Culture, as you may also call it. This bacteria (don't freak out, it's a good bacteria, OK!) represents the life-force for your Casjubert Bree and thus, the Casjubert, just like yourself, needs to be able to ...what? Yes, stay alive! To do that, your Casjubert Bree needs to breathe cool, dry air (don't put a mask on it, OK!).

No-brainer explanation to the before mentioned

Let's say, you think you wanna keep it clean and safe and for that, you place it into a sealed plastic container or wrap it into plastic. With that, you literally send your Casjubert Bree to the death chamber.
Why? I did mention that the Casjubert Bree is alive, didn't I? Think, what would happen if you pull a plastic bag over your head? How long will you be able to breathe, speak, survive? It's a no-brainer, isn't it?!

Best alive keeping practice

After you open your Casjubert Bree and cut yourself a piece off, simply keep it in it's original, professional cheese wrap, which is micro perforated and thus allows your Bree to rest and recover from your knife attack. It's OK to just loose, roll the cheese wrap back over the Bree. It doesn't need to be air-tight.

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Always Remember; your Casjubert Bree is alive and contains "Live" bacteria. Exposing it to moisture Will cause it to grow Bad bacteria.
Can you wrap additional paper around? No need for, but if you feel better, remember to not sufocate your Casjubert Bree.
Can you place it into a wooden box? Yes, and again; as long as it isn't an air-tight box. Anything else? C'mon, really? Actually, there is.
Just eat your Casjubert Bree.

Now it's all gooey, soft!

You are one lucky one nobody pinched it and ate it.

If it didn’t rain on it, no problem. Just pick it up, carefully - don't hurt it, and put it back into your refrigerator. Give it some time to cool off.

BTW, Just in case you didn't, read yet, how to best keep you Casjubert Cheese, take a step back and read the above A2Q1.

Does that mean it's to it?

Well, we're all getting old some time

It doesn't necessarly mean it's time to retire it. It all depends. If it's just one one or two spots, it is usually OK to just cut it out and consume the resto of it. Know but, we're all bio-individuals and react different. You should know your body and yourself. I have never had an issue with and am still alive and my immune system is terrific.

But, as I said, we're all different and if you have any doubts then yes, you better dispose it.

Bad mold usually grows when your cheese got (cross)contaminated, either through moisture or other. Simply make sure you handle food properly and don't leave it unprotected, out of the fridge, always cover it in the cheespaper in comes with and you should be fine. Myself I eat it after 6 months, still.

Out of date? Really?

Have you checked the writing? It says: Best Before .

Oh_K? What's the difference, right?

Well, the Casjubert Bree sells as an equivalence to the Dairy "Brie" whicj means, people expect it to be gooey, creamy, ...right?

Know! The Casjubert Bree isn't based on a liquid mass (like the dairy Brie, which is based on milk). The Casjubert Bree is based on a solid mass; nuts. Over time, mositure will evaporate and thus, the Casjubert Bree will firm up. That's why: "Best Before!

It doesn't mean you can't eat it anymore

In fact, it get's even better. Since it contains a live culture, the Casjubert Bree will keep developing and as it ripens, its falvour will become stronger, better. After say about 10 weeks, it's just no longer as gooey as a Bree.

In NO WAY sould that be considered "Out Of Date!"

In fact, you may want to ripen your Casjubert Bree. Just check the FAQ on; How do I keep my Casjubert alive?

Before I forget, remember, the Casjubert is 100% natural, without any AI to fake its goodness and to keep it on the shelf for the next 5 years. It's 'Food Alive To Support Life'!

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