How to make a good vegan cheese?

How to make a good vegan cheese?

Making your own cheese

at home is certainly a lot of fun and more so, exciting and - cheese is everywhere. I still remember the early days, as a new immigrant, cheese was a scarce fare on the table and almost unaffordable when some exotic varieties flared up on the shelves.

Today but, things look much different. In fact, some shops are covered in cheese, ranging from; Uh Yes to Huh[?]
and everything a hundreds of times in between. On the internet it gets even more crowded with thousands of home-cheese-making enthusiasts sharing their kingdom of personal creations with the world. And if you are just about to starting out, you'll have a bountiful of cheese-making resources available at your fingertips.

I have great respect and salute every single home-cheese maker who dares to dive into the world of cheese making and comes up with their own creative recipes and different versions. If you read this blog, you most likely are one of the many little, hidden talents and can relate to the cheer excitement see at Casjubert.

JuJue Raw Food Plant Based Kitchen

Have you noticed yet?

At the house of JuJue, our mother of Casjubert, there are some Raw Food cooking sessions available and in one of these sessions, we will tell you how to make some easy homemade cheeses, spreads and butters. Why don’t you check it out. Oh, and before I forget, don’t You forget to register and put your name onto our most interesting H&T list. Let’s go and have some fun together. It’s always better to laugh while play around and experimenting with raw food, right?

Right here but, we’re going to get a little more serious and when it comes to creating a real master piece, things tend to start taking on bit of a different feel.

It’s a little like playing an instrument at home, practicing for the big one. There you can, and Will make, mistakes. You will get up and just drop it, walk away and come back later. But when it’s time to take your chair at the orchestra, then it’s a little bit different. :)


Our orchestra is our cheesery. That’s the place where we forget time.


At Casjubert we’ve put a lot of time into research and development towards creating the best possible, least as of today, creamy and tasty soft cheese,



At Casjubert we’ve put a lot of time into research and development towards creating the best possible, least as of today, creamy and tasty soft cheese, whose dairy relative we may refer to as the legendary Camembert or the creamier version of a Brie. All that, however, by adding or own personal signature to our Casjubert which, in turn, allows the Casjubert to add a certain unique characteristic to your cheese platter.

It starts, of course, with the selection of the nuts. Just like a winery takes pride in their own grape vines, location, soil and weather condition, selecting our organic nuts from a certain region will set us already apart.

Processing our nuts then into a workable cheese mass will start with the nuts entering a very delicate, acutely timed preparation stage which prepares our nuts to release and preserve their enzymes which otherwise lost by being buried inside the nuts.

This preliminary processing stage will also allow the Casjubert to release additional nutrients. it also contributes towards the breakdown of certain nutrients speak, converting proteins into amino acids, carbs into glucose and fats into fatty acids. The combination of all occurs all naturally and thus allows for normal bodily functioning and energy metabolism.

Wrapping up all nutritional benefits we not forget the gained, general health improvements with may include the reduction of

To keep all prerequisites steady at the necessary levels is utmost critical and the slightest change to any attribute can resolve in a disastrous outcome and thus, careful, continue observation is of utmost critical necessity as you may well imagine yourself.

At Casjubert we take pride in not commercialising but instead holding onto the tradition of creating a truly artisan Casjubert Cheese which allows us to bring the best possible, under highest standards, Cheese to your table.

Author: Norbert Harms

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