Plant Fats v.s. Dairy Fats

Plant Fats v.s. Dairy Fats

I grew up with Dairy

Every day. early mornings, I walked to our neighbour to pick up the, still warm, fresh milk. Yum. Proudly carrying my own little milk can, I came back with it full, even though I drank already half of it. Wait, how's that possible? Well, our neighbour was very generous, I mean her husband :).

Today, I'm in the sixties and still alive. Again.

So is it bad to pinch the calf's milk?

Let's take that up in the next parliament sitting, shall we? No seriously, to comment on the pinching act; certainly Yes. But you may argue that the cow (or any other mammal who's milk we pinch produces enough milk for the both of us, right? Wait, if I'm wrong and you're right then the same 'Rule' may be applied on my neighbour, They have so much money, that'd be enough for the both of us, and You, too. :) Good or bad?

Well, my dear, U R Wrong! I'll get to that in another post.

Leaving the behavioural, selfish and advantage taking skyscraper, let's move to the home of greed, care- and reckless intergalactic space which rules (sadly enough), humanity, speak; You and Me.

First but, let's go back a few decades, the time of when I grew up. My early morning milk run is just the tip of the iceberg. I remember running through really tall wheat farms. Corn is another. Potatoes and other produce we simply picked, wiped of a little dirt and stuck it down. I can still taste it.

Today, we run into supermarkets ad complain when the produce isn't fresh or taste bad.

Today we are gluten, lactose, and gosh what else intolerant. We are even intolerant to our own greed and stupidity, that much, we turn it into arrogant stupidity.

Our lazy, convenience demanding behaviour has allowed the 'Smart' big guys to systematically poison our turf, environment and, worse of all, our immune system.

Have you heard of that stupid person who dug a hole in his garden to excavate the dirt to fill the hole he dug earlier? That was over a hundred years ago. Today his grand grand kids are continuing his legacy, with one difference. The don't use a pick and spat but mega heavy earthmoving equipment.

But wait, there's still so much more to all that and as a trained health coach, I can't wait to continue this in my second part of this post.

Till then, stay deadly healthy and don't forget to share and yes, you may even re-post it, I don't care.

Author: Norbert Harms

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