A Dairy Free
Artisan Cheese Sensation
the Plant-based Casjubert

Artisan Plant Based Cheese Legend


Opening a new era in the world of plant-based cheeses!

Some people call them "Loveboards"

Used to celebrating a romantic date night at home.
Arranged beautifully and garnished with
pepperoncini, pickled asparagus, olives and Fruits of Love
and assembled with an assortment of the finest cheeses,
you're all set to pamper and to seduce your lover.


You're kidding me, aren't you? You ask me? I can't tell you that. That's your job. Off you go. Bite me and then, You Tell Me!


Oh fugg, now you're really pushing it;
...Smooth, Creamy, Gooey, Silky and ...screw it, use your cheesy imagination.


Yay, finally. We bring not only true artisan cheese taste to you but we make it a colourful plant-based cheese blockbuster!


Hello. Dairy Queens and Kings, Watch out! Another, a plant-based kingdom just settled next to your Reich. Ouch.'

Artisan Ashed Casjubert

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my culinary soul, like these endulging, colourful mornings with the original, artisan plant based Casjubert which I enjoy wholeheartedly.

Our Ashed Casjubert  is …not leading the casjubert family but, let me put it this way; ‘my favourite, at the moment.

Hence, you have to bookmark this page and check back, regularly because my taste buds are weird, they always like something new, something different, something that doesn’t fit into ‘Any’ norm except, Health (if you can associate with that).

OK, that was the talking poet in me. If you're not into that, forget it. But, if you want to experience the true craft of artisan, plant based cheese making, you have no choice but to taste my Casjubert. I promise, you’ll roll your eyes and take another bite because you wouldn’t believe it's plant-based cheese.

Today we live more open-minded.  
Today we go easier on accepting cuisine changes. Today we are more health conscious. Today we seek other options (some need to). Today, we have the opportunity to discover cheese simply as “Cheese” without the dairy prefix, just like people started to accept milk as ‘Milk’.

Unfreeze your mind  from pre-programmed patterns and indulge yourself in a world of plant-based, cheese which present healthier alternatives!

The artisan plant-based cheese ‘Casjubert’  
may just be your stepping stone for exploring healthier, plant-based food alternatives!

Our Casjubert features

Every casjubert is individually hand-crafted and truly artisan, which makes the Casjubert stand out.
That's not all but. Its DNA is unique, too.
The moment you bite into and taste a Casjubert, you will never want to miss it!

chemical free

100% free of any nasty gremmlins, sycophants, leeches and other ugly unwanteds, food gurus' profit generating 'preservatives, stabalisers, (food)enhanceers or whatever'.

Cruelty free

Name anything in the 'Normal, Traditional Food Industry' that is just slightly animal related, our artisan plant based Casjubert doesn't even know about!

Paraben free

Now we go deeper into preservatives. You want shelf life or quality, speak 'Health'? If latter, Casjubert is for you!

Gluten & Soy free!

If it was the 50s, no worries. But, it's 2020. Now we need to cut loose, of so much good, because money rules and screws!

Health supporting

Because Casjubert is raw & double fermented, it is rich on nutrients, pre- and pro-biotics, live enzymes and antioxidants. want more?


Plant-based, raw whole foods. Not only is it part of our grass roots but well known for better digestion and overall wellness. That is what Casjubert is all about and that is why Casjubert is 100% plant-based.

Nutrients & Fats

Casjubert is full of it. Oh, you worry about fats? So you should, if you still eat the 'BAD' fats. Swap & Hop, over to Casjubert. Better for you!

Much & Passion

Before we get into the dry stuff, know One thing!

I grew up in Europe and with Cheese. You can take everything away from me but, Not My Cheese! I love cheese! I breath and talk cheese and now I create cheese because cheese as I once ate (made from dairy), I no longer eat. No! Not because I wanted to save all animals but because I needed to save myself.

If you're curious about the details of this event, you can always read up the ugly story on my jujue about page.

Now you can check the dry stuff.

That's the ingredients, right?

Great cheese can only be made of ML&P, paired with the finest ingrenients!.

That's why I source only the best and healthiest ingredients for my Casjubert Cheeses .

Let's start with the Cashews. Unfortunately not Australian (I'm not a large corporate firm), but still organic!

What else is in it?

Salt. Pink Himalayan salt, to be correct and yes there is a reason, or two, for this salt to be used in my cheese. Next oils; sunflower, hemp, flax and a few other to make the Casjubert complete. Then there are still two kinds of unique Probiotics, our good old native pepper the 'Dorrigo Pepper' and our own activated charcoal!

Live bacteria, the French, Vegan Cheese Culture!

Don't. Better eat it, instead.

Joke. If you really want to keep (the rest of) it, then keep it refridgerated <4ºC and, most importannt, dry
(Do not wrap it in plastic as you'd suffocate it to death)!

  1. Your Casjubert Bree is alive, it needs to breath
  2. Moisture will contaminate your Casjubert and grow bad mold
  3. Your Casjubert keeps developing, intensivies in taste, as it ages
  4. But with age it will also get drier and stiffer as it looses moisture.

Got a question? Check our FAQ section or, you may want to suss out some other resources or, if you still haven't found the answer you're looking for,

That can happen.

Did you keep your Casjubert out in the Warm for some longer period, then placed it back into the fridge, again? That'd be the most common reason for the papre sticking and the reason for is a steep drop in temperature and cooling down, again. Check our FAQ section on that for more explanation and remedies. But hey, don't freak out if that happens. Know that your Casjubert is originally wrapped in a professional, micro-perforated, two-lining cheese paper which allows your cheese to breath through and absob potentioal moisture. Again, Check our FAQ section for more.

Still not happy or otherwise concerned over?

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Comments (4)

Escuna(Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)says...

Went to the Tramsheds Farmers Markets in Sydney last Sunday and although I am not vegan or vegetarian, I tried this plant based cheese and was instantly hooked. This is an amazing cheese. I bought 2, the Nature and the spicy one with paprika. Both are gone by today. Will be back for more.


I don’t eat a lot of vegan cheese, but this stuff is awesome! Super soft and creamy, and great taste.


Thank you, Maddy, for your kind words.

Will be in touch with some exciting News soon, thus, stay tuned.

Shelby(Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)says...

I bought a Spize and Nature Casjubert the other day at the Vegan Grocery shop and I can't believe, it's almost like a dairy Camembert. I can say that because i am Vegan for only less then a year and have still the dairy Camembert in my mouty, haha.

The texture is insane, so is the taste. But the Spize really got me. I can only suggest you go and buy one for yourself.

Me? Even if I'd still eat dairy, I'd have a Casjubert, anytime.

6 stars for this vegan cheese!


Thank you, Shelby, for your awesome comment.

Mario(Wollonggong, New South Wales, Australia)says...

Awesome Vegan cheese, unmatched


Thank you so much, Mario.

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