If it was music
It would be a Mozart

If it was a painting
It would be a da Vinci

But, it's Plant-Based, brie-like cheese,
hence; it can only be a

I create new cheese, plant-based cheese, cheese with it's own character & new signature!
Join me, and experience a new era of plant-based Bree cheese creations.

Welcome to the world of

plant based cheese casjubert

Raw & Truly Alive
Plant-Based Cheese


Raw, Plant-Based Casjuberts

Be inspired - Live Healthier
Enjoy Raw Plant Based Cheese

The best in raw, plant-based cheese to sustain humanity and creating a better life!

Don't chase it, join the Casjubert Bug

Casjubert opportunities for shop owners, direct-suppliers or simply people who want to be part of the Casjubert Plant-Based Cheese Revolution!

About JuJue

Languages differ, so do colours, places, opinions. Humanity is just one!

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